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Maintain a Clean Criminal Background

There are only a certain number of things that can prevent you from landing a job as a firefighter, and included in that list is a spotted criminal record, which can include any felony convictions, DUI/DWI charges, and even some misdemeanors.

If you do have any misdemeanors, it may be that some fire departments require a 3 year probabtionary period (starting from date of conviction). Due to the fact that all applicant's criminal records are carefully scrutinized, don't even bother denying or trying to hide any criminal charges you may have on your record because they will eventually find out. Just admit that what you may have done was wrong, you've made the proper reparations, and express to them how you have learned from your mistake and moved on. Maintaing a clean record is a definite must-have while applying for this type of career, especially since firefighters are expected to have a high level of integrity. After all, their job is to save lives and partially represent the cities reputation, so be sure to continue making smart decisions on a daily basis. Also take note that most fire department hiring boards are quite hesitant about hiring anyone that may have potential drug or drinking problems, so it's in your best interest to keep yourself clean from those types of addictions.

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