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Useful Skills for Firefighters

There's a whole lot more to the life of a firefighter than scurrying around in a big red fire truck, rescuing stranded people from burning buildings. In order to become a great firefighter, one must be willing to put forth the effort to develop skills

that will help you to do your job in a more effective manner. A fire fighter's daily routine may consist of responding to emergency calls, rescuing stranded victims and animals, jumping through burning buildings to rescue people, or even battle raging wild fires, which is why developing certain skills can be of great benefit, particularly when applying for job promotions. Some of the skills listed below may not be required for admission to the fire academy or to even apply, but they will eventually come in handy at one time or another in this line of work. One specific skill to consider seeking after when applying is to learn a foreign language, preferably one that is spoken in your area. Most states, specifically California, are quite racially diverse and filled with people who speak many different languages, which generally means that fire departments will be excited to learn that you speak more than one language.

What You Can Do: