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Importance of Community Involvement

When candidates are being interviewed for employment as firefighters, questions regarding any type of community involvement or community service may be brought up. Possible questions may deal with being able to list some of the

ways you have helped contribute to your community and how it plays an important role in your life. This should not come as a suprise to you, especially since the main job description of a firefighter is to serve and protect the local residents from harm or accidents. Try to come of as a people-person who actively participates in community related events, no matter if they are about politics, service events, or something else. Let the fire department know that you wish to aid in keeping your community a safer place by dedicating your life to helping victims in need by way of your hard work and dedication. Another way to help your chances of being hired is to be currently living within the county limits in which you are applying so that you can show them that you are already familiar with the area and are up to date on the local current events.

What You Can Do: