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Firefighter Job Description & Duties

Firefighters are professional servicemen who are paid to handle situations related to natural disasters, particularly out-of-control fires. Their top priority is to keep citizens safe from harm or accidents. A firefighter's typical job description may

include a wide array of duties such as extinguish raging forest fires, scurry through burning buildings to rescue stranded victims, respond to emergency scenes, lift heavy objects to clear out debris, inspect buildings for safey, educate children about fire prevention, as well as a number of other things. They must be extremely versatile and focused in order to succeed this line of work, not to mention undergo extensive training in order to handle these types of emergency situations. Successful firemen must also be courageous enough to risk their lives in order to try and save other peoples' lives. Although it may seem like the only real duty of a fireman is to put out fires and rescue people, there is actually a lot more to this job than people typically think. Let's take a closer look and see what a typical day in the life of a firefighter is really like.

Standard Firefighter Job Description: