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Firefighter Physical Training Recommendations

If you are seriously considering becoming a firefighter then you will be adamant about getting into the best physical shape of your life through efficient strength and conditioning training. Many firefighter labors involve some form of intense

physical activity, whether it be carrying unconscious victims to safety, busting down burning doors, or trying to control a massive firehose - all while wearing a 70 pound fire suit. In order to have a legitimate chance of becoming a fire fighter, it is critical that you start getting into shape now so you can outperform other applicants while being tested for the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT).

If you don't think you are in good enough physical condition, it is recommended that you begin your firefighter training anywhere from 3-6 months prior to the CPAT testing. If you are fairly confident that you are already in good enough shape, you can probably get away with training only 1-2 months beforehand. Bear in mind that the firefighter physical test can be quite strenuous and it is recommended that you give yourself a solid 1-2 days of rest before taking the actual test.

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